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.assistance may be required by no0724FGARK .assistance may be required by no0724FGARK
.now how did you get into this mess Rabbit?

conversations as suggested by crimsonlurker on tumblr - I got quite a few differents suggestions but decided to go with this one ;>

RABBIT/Bunny Bennett - *whitebunny, THE SPINE/David Michael Bennett & HATCHWORTH/Sam Luke of Steam Powered Giraffe</b>

.media: whatever I found laying around at the moment - aka fineliners, color pens, charcoal, markers, gelpens | size: A4
Adorable adorable adorable adorable ADORABLE!!!!
This is the cutest dang thing I've ever seen! The costumes are dead on, but you added your own vision! The height difference is wonderful and I'm glad you thought of it. The faces are right, but not too detailed or cluttered. The background is lovely, and I love the inclusion of Qwerty.
The expressions are a bit blah. Perhaps if Hatchy had been smiling or something it would add a bit more fun to the piece. However, it certainly doesn't detract from the work, and their faces definitely get the message across, so no harm in it.
As a sort of side note, there is a certain femininity that I always look for in drawings of Rabbit; yes, he's a boy, but he's also far more girlish than HatchWorth, The Jon, and The Spine. You captured it very nicely, especially in Rabbit's hands, legs, and face. I appreciate it.
Well done!
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This piece, is of course, very funny, very sweet and very cute. It definitely displays the perfect kind of shenanigans the robot boys undoubtedly get into on a regular basis. I also love your inclusion and good application of Hatchworth, who is far too often overlooked in a lot of recent art.

That being said, there are a few things that could be improved.

For one thing, your medium. It's almost *too* textured, between what looks (to me) like colored pencil or charcoal or something on very textured paper. It detracts a bit from the real focus of the piece- the three robots- and puts it too much on even ground with the background. It even inexplicably adds texture to things that should be smooth, like their clothing. If you can't get smoother paper or mediums, maybe consider smoothing out some of the texture in Photoshop with the Smudge or focus-changing tools (or whatever equivalent you tend to use).

You also seem to have a slight problem with contrast, a lot of details seem to be lost on The Spine, although I don't mind some of the details being less clear in the background, it helps add to the depth-of-field.

As I said, the subject and dialogue are both funny and spot-on, there are just a few issues of technique that could be resolved.
What do you think?
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Submitted on
December 24, 2012
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